What is Indian Council Of Higher Secondary Education?

ICHSE is an initiative to promote education among all. ICHSE is an open school which is established to cater education to all learners till pre-degree level. Under the National policy of Education ICHSE has further initiated the process to strengthen the open learning facility.

Indian Council of Higher Education was established in the year 2013.

    The main aim of ICHSE is:
  • To promote basic education among all.
  • To create a better society, learned society
  • To provide opportunity to all those who are keen to seek education

ICHSE has evolved with a mission to provide relevant education at school level, up to pre-degree level via Open Learning System

What does ICHSE do?

The Indian Council of Higher Secondary Education (ICHSE) provides education for all. It mainly provides an opportunity for all who want to pursue their further education along with their own personal commitments and family responsibilities. ICHSE provides various courses and programs available to those who are interested in learning and want to enhance their future prospects.

    The courses we provide:
  • Open Basis Education Programme (OBE) for 14 + age group.
  • Secondary Education Course
  • Senior Secondary Education Course
  • Vocational Education Courses/Programmes
  • Skill Development Courses
  • Open Basic Education (OBE) Programme for 14+ years age group, adolescents, and adults at A, B and C levels that are equivalent to classes III, V and VIII of the formal school system.

The Open Basic Education Programme

The Open Basic Education program is mainly for children, school-dropouts or left outs and neo- literates who can have a better quality education. This course is mainly for 14 + years age group, adults, and adolescents. This education is provided at three different stages A, B and C, which is equivalent to class III, V and VIII of any formal school.

We ensure to provide a better quality education through a proper curriculum. For implementing the open basic education ICHSE have partnered with about 850 agencies who are providing study center facilities for our students. ICHSE provides resource support such as study materials, curriculum, certification, orientation.

This OBE program is for mainly for:

  • School dropouts
  • School left outs
  • NFE completers
  • Neo literates

How flexible is our open basic education courses are?

ICHSE provides enough flexibility in the choice of subjects, courses, and the pace of learning both at secondary and senior secondary levels. We even allow transfer of credits from CBSE, other boards of the school of education and state boards, so that our student can complete their education. ICHSE provides up to nine chances to clear the examination which is valid up to five years. The credits gained during this phase are later accumulated and reflects in their certificate. Our study materials and learning strategies include printed study materials, self- instructional material, audio and videos, tutorial assignment programs and personal contact program. Our study materials are available in three different languages for students from all states- Hindi, English and Urdu. ICHSE offers 20+ subjects in different mediums- Hindi , Malayalam, English, Urdu, Odia, Marathi, Telegu, Bengali and Gujarati. ICHSE also provides twenty different vocational subjects along with other academic subjects at secondary and higher secondary levels.

To enhance entrepreneurship, ICHSE has introduced various vocational programs which provide great opportunities to a candidate. Our vocational courses are related to Business, commerce, Agriculture, Paramedical, Computer, IT, teacher’s training, Hospitality management, General services and Life enrichment programs.

ICHSE has special provision for students who are physically, visually and mentally challenged. We also provide special education for first generation learners. Students who are from disadvantaged sections are also provided special support to complete their education as we believe that education is right for all.

How does ICHSE Function?

ICHSE has a wide network of five Departments through which it operates. It also has Regional Centers and Accredited Institutions as study centers through which it operated in India and abroad. Indian Council of Higher Secondary Education is upcoming largest open schooling system. Our students are enroll in various courses for Secondary & Senior Secondary courses.