The government of India has endeavored to provide basic education to all children, youth, and adults in the country. And to fulfill this, ICHSE has launched Open Basic Education Program for all who cannot opt for formal basic education. Open Basic Education is basically distance mode of learning and this is an opportunity for people who are not reachable to school due to various family issues, physical, social and financial limitations. This program provides elementary educations at three various levels for neo-literates, school drop outs and out of school learners.

    The age group for students for Open Basic Education (OBE) program under ICHSE is:
  • Children who are below 14 years of age
  • Adults above 14 years of age
    The OBE Program under ICHSE is offered at three levels:
  • OBE level I: This course is equivalent to class I-III
  • OBE level II: This course is equivalent to class IV-V
  • OBE level III: This course is equivalent to class VI-VII

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