Chairman Meessage

Indian Council of Higher Secondary Education has been running successfully since last 3 years. My vision behind this open school is to make India completely educated. Hundred percent of people must be educated and not a single citizen may get deprived of education due to any socio-economic challenges. I personally believe educating people is the only path to promote our country to a new horizon of success. The success of open and distance learning education depends on how much students got empowered through the education. This depends on the quality of education we provide. We are constantly trying to strengthen the academic support system.

ICHSE is an open school model there will be a lot of challenges especially in the learning process. Hence we need to create more effective and learner-oriented curriculum which can give more freedom and autonomy to our student.

ICHSE has aimed to focus more on discriminated and disadvantaged groups of society who have been deprived of education due to socio-economic reasons. We also provide opportunities for differently abled candidates and we are also working on women empowerment.

ICHSE is making constant efforts to promote and develop open and distance learning program and this is done particularly at school level by establishing a wide network of open schools to strengthen education system in our country. ICHSE has joined hands with various institutes and governing bodies that are ready to provide centers so that education can reach even people of remote areas. We mainly aim to provide a good life to every student of ours. We want our students must learn and can make some significant contribution to society. Our vocational education training is mainly incorporated to give opportunities to all who want to create their own existence by earning themselves. Therefore, Indian Council of Higher Secondary Education is contributing towards universalize school/ basic education among all. Let us join hands in creating significant changes by educating every single people who want to experience the power of education.