About Us


The Indian Council of  Secondary Education, India  is an autonomous body, which is established under Indian Trust Act-1882 and Indian Registration Act-1908 for promotion of  Matriculation & Intermediate Education in Open and Distance mode.

It has been constituted to regulate Matriculation & Intermediate Education, Vocational Courses/Techenical Courses, Yoga & Naturopathy, Paramedical, N.T.T. and D.Ed./J.B.T. with the help of educational experts to train unemployed girls & boys so that they can serve trust effectively and with dignity and may impart education on modren lines to pre school children with stress on moral, instinctual, physically and social personality.

Ours is an autonomous body  and we do our best to make success the Matriculation & Intermediate Education educated girls & boys. All the courses mentioned in the prospectus are run by ICSE, INDIA Validity, Utility of the course is strict conformity with Regulation-2 of Lesson-14 under Uttar Pradesh Intermediate Education Act-1921 & the constitution of India under Article 19(1) G, 29 & 30.


·         Our motto is Education, Health & Character.

·         To give the best possible teaching and training to its students. So that they can serve society effectively and with dignity.

·         Democratizing higher education by taking it to the doorsteps of learners.

·         Providing assess to high quality to all those who seek it irrespective of age region or formal qualifications.

·         Offering need based academic programmers by giving Secondary & Senior-Secondary Education course.

·         To promoting and developing distance education in India & Abroad.

·         To individualised study: – flexibility in terms of place pace and duration of study

·         To give cost effective and self job oriented programmers

·         Student support services network


The final examination in theory and practical are held twice in a year at the end of the session November-December and May-June.  A candidate has declared successful on scoring minimum of 33% marks in each paper.





Every course mentioned in the prospectus the detail marks cum certificates should be awarded by ICSE, INDIA to the every successful declared student.


Under open and distance education system any person any cast, any age and both sex may join the courses.


The medium of every course will be Hindi and English OR according to their Regional Language/ State Language/ Country Language. But Question Paper will be published in Hindi & English or in regional language, student can give answer in his/ her language. But it should be mentioned earlier in the admission form.


·         Fees once paid should not be refunded or changed under any rule

·         Every student abides to and obtains to present rule and regulations and directions of the Council and also those which are to be enforced time to time

·         Any change of the rules & regulation directions by the exam body shall be acceptable to the student.

·         The Institute / Council offer Self Job Oriented / Self Employment Courses only and not give any guarantee for further educational use or any job. Advised to success candidate that try to best self job.

·         If any document found bogus the admission and result should be canceled automatically without any notice.

·         If student fails to deposit the fees in the due time the admission should be canceled without any notice and any primary deposit fees should not be refunded.

·         If study material or documents will be lost in the post no responsible of the institute / Council.

·         If any student / members / teachers / employees of a center / School / institute have any dispute with the Council, it will be resolved through the committee appointed byICSE, INDIA under India Arbitration Act 1940. The decision of the the arbitrator shall be final and binding on all parties.